A completely silly idea for Backstage by Kim Plowright.

The Idea

The single biggest complaint that the BBC Weather Centre receives is that 'They've got it wrong'.

Understandably, they get a bit fed up with this.

Let's use the combined power of disgruntled 'I Think You'll Find's' all over the country to produce the world's first democratic. distributed, user-generated, community weather reports.

It's like Michael Fish meets Seti@Home meets del.icio.us... Or something.

The Screenshot

Screenshot of 'The People's Weather' Website. Clicky Bigness.
Click for Big Version

The Method

The Possibilities

Users can submit one-day and five day forecasts, which are then judged for accuracy against the aggregated results for their local area. Users with high percentage correctness get kudos and prizes. Their forecasts carry more weight in the aggregation as a result.

Schools get involved - it's a way of getting kids interested in weather, learning more about the art of weather prediction, and it's fun. This gives us a greater volume of data, and teachers help to filter the data for glaring inaccuracies...

Build your own weather station: the BBC provides simple instructions for automating your weather station - linking it direct to your PC. The availability and accuracy of forecasts benefits.

Mobile - an application is developed that uses cel location and some phones onboard thermometers to allow for weather reporting on-the-go.

Screensavers - changing to show the weather conditions in areas of your choice, or an ever-shifting map of reports.

More stuff as I think of it...


This prototype is supported by backstage.bbc.co.uk