Canterbury History and Architecture: Geo Information Files

I've been playing with Google Earth, and with some sources of information about Local history in the town I grew up in, Canterbury. The files linked from this page are KML, and will work either in Google Earth, or in Google Maps. They show locations of buildings of historical interest that are featured on Stephen Bax's Canterbury Buildings website, and also the route of the old Canterbury and Whitstable railway. The railway information was derived from information on the Crab and Winkle Line Trust website. Just for good measure, there is also a little information from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust site, too.

Google Maps (with no map overlay orientation)

Google Earth KML files

To view these files, you can either download the Google Earth application, or load them as Google Maps using the links provided. For Google Earth, right click on the KML links, and save the target files to your desktop, then open using the file open command within Google Earth. You can load a KML file in to Google Maps by entering its full URL into the Google Maps search box and hitting hitting 'Search', incidentally.

They're many layered files. In particular, the History file has several map layers - use the tickboxes to turn them on and off to see how the city has been mapped over the last 400 years. The maps are adjusted to fit the actual geography of the city as neatly as possible, but Google Maps does not show this additional positioning, sorry. Have a look in Google Earth if you want to see them in all their transparent, orthogonal glory.

These would not be possible without the work of Stephen Bax and the Crab and Winkle Line Trust, which I have ruthlessly but respectfully purloined. Thank you!